How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

Is it true that you are wanting to request that a young lady be your better half? Uh-huh… so you need to make it a standout amongst the most uncommon and esteemed snapshots of your life. All things considered, here are a couple of sentimental approaches to request that a young lady be your better half.

Love is the most integral part of our lives. But to express this love is not easy, or rather, let’s just say to each his own. Every girl or boy wants this moment to be one of the most special moments in their lives. This article is for all those boys who have found their true love, lost their heart and are just waiting to confess it all to their princesses. But, if you are not sure as to how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend… Maybe I can help you to ask a girl to be your girlfriend in the most romantic way possible. So, here you go.

The girl you want to be your girlfriend, is definitely the one you have spent time with. You have partied with her, must have watched movies together, talked on the phone at night for hours long, and so on. The bottom line is you guys know each other well and you are sure of she being “the girl” in your life. Great! It’s important for you to be sure about this.

Now, start giving her hints that you like her and are thinking seriously about getting into a relationship with her; do small little things for her, help her out, show that you are concerned about her, praise her, confide in her, etc., because you do not want to shock her or upset her when you are going to pour out your feelings for her. The moment you ask her to be your girlfriend, it has to be a pleasant surprise for her. Moreover, the most romantic way to ask a girl to be your lover will just make her fall for you more strongly. Listed below are a few romantic ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Pick one of these and you are sure to thank me for this.

♥ Arrange for a Moonlight Dinner

Take the help of your friends and arrange for a dinner table at the seashore (if that is difficult, a pool side would do). Make sure you have her favorite cuisine served and her favorite drink. Now, when both of you get to the venue, she is sure to get a hint of something special happening, so, just speak your heart out! It’s the most romantic way to ask her out, against the dim moonlight, just the two of you, the small ripples of waves touching your feet and romance in the air.

♥ Go on Your Knees

This is not as common as it sounds, we are going to modify the whole thing. Select a place, it could be a garden, your out-house, a restaurant or anything. Now, light plenty of candles or you could arrange these in a way that they say “I love you”. I know it sounds very mushy, but trust me, girls like mushy ways. When she arrives at the venue, just go down on your knees, with your arms open and say it all, this is sure to make her fall madly in love with you. It is definitely going to be a awww… moment. This idea is surely one of the most romantic ways to ask a girl to become your girlfriend.

♥ Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is the most romantic way to speak your heart out. Though it sounds a little difficult, but everything is easy if you really want her and want to make it absolutely special for her. So, identify the place where you have hot air balloon rides. At first, go alone, find out the price, tell the hot air balloon pilot about your idea, he will be able to guide you. On the D-day, get your love along, take her for the ride and when you are up in the sky, away from the rest of the world, it is the right time, just say it all and she is sure to be impressed with your creative way of asking her out. You can cuddle her in your arms then.

♥ Sing it Out to Her

There can be nothing more romantic than singing your feelings to her. If you are a guitarist or well-versed with playing any other musical instrument, it just adds more meaning to the idea. Take her out for a candle light dinner, make sure you book the entire place for yourself and if that is not possible, go ahead and arrange it at your place or at a friend’s studio. When you start with your drinks, get the guitar out, sing the most romantic song for her, then ask her for a close dance and whisper those three magical words into her ears. She is sure to repeat them to you, adding a “too” and maybe a kiss too.

♥ Ask Her Out in Public

Do not try this idea unless you are dead sure she feels the same for you, since both yours and hers image is at stake here. The idea is take her out to a party and ask the DJ there to play all her favorite songs. Make sure you announce that all those songs are being played for her. Now, she is going to brace herself for something special. Just then, grab the mike and confess your love to her, ask her to be your girlfriend. She going to love you for your uniqueness and the way you make her feel special with so many people around.
What are you waiting for, just go and get her. These are the top 5 ways you can win your love. There are many more romantic ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, you just have to come up with something special and unique. Remember to be yourself, even if it is the most stupid thing you want to say to her, it has to be you and very genuine. Never regret having expressed your love even if she has a negative answer for you, at least you gave it a try, and confessed your feelings for her. Love cannot be forced upon, it’s a beautiful feeling that evokes from within and it’s never planned. Moreover, “when you love someone truly and want her genuinely, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve her.”

Ways to Sweep a Girl Off Her Feet

Young ladies are hard to see, consequently charming a young lady may appear like a troublesome assignment. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you approach a lady appropriately and make her vibe extraordinary, your assignment turns into a considerable measure simpler.

Women are a mystery. You never know what they may approve of and what they might not. However, if you’re head over heels in love with a girl, you would definitely want her to feel the same about you, wouldn’t you? You would want to impress her without being creepy or too pushy. So, what are these effective tips to sweep a girl off her feet?

Every girl and her preferences are different. Something that woos one girl may not work for another. Yet there are some common things most girls love; to watch a mushy romantic movie, going on long drive, being emotionally stimulated, wanting to be listened to and a few other listed below. Get to know what works best for your girl and act likewise. However, the crux of attracting a girl should be natural, subtle and more importantly “sincere”.

Be yourself!
Do not try to portray what you are not. This one thing guys must infuse in them. “Stop being what you are not”. By doing this, you are not only fooling the girl you want, but yourself as well. Also, do not boast and keep talking about your achievements and accolades, thinking she will be impressed; she may get bored and feel like escaping from there ASAP. No doubt it is important for you to initiate a conversation, but let her do the talking, ask her questions or make statements and see what she has to say about them. Get her talking and you do the listening. This will only help you know her better, and help you decide whether you want to take it to the next level.

Get a little more innovative and personal
In most cheesy movies, guys bring red flowers and a box of chocolates to woo a girl. But in reality, it takes more than just flowers and chocolates. Not that the above two gifts do not help you attract a girl, they will; however, they are so cliched and old. Avoid the obvious things and get a little more creative and personal. That does not mean you buy her expensive gifts, but pay attention to her tastes and gift her accordingly. Guys always try to go in for fancy and expensive things, but girls feel appreciated if guys acknowledge their small preferences and tastes. Out-of-the-blue a bouquet of flowers and chocolate boxes can work wonders.

Be a gentleman
Pay heed to the pettiest of things like pulling a chair for her, opening the door and letting her walk before you, talking slowly and making her feel as if she is the center of your universe. This will definitely sweep her off her feet. When she introduces you to her friends, be graciously wonderful to them; you never know she might just be impressed. Remember special days like her birthday, and plan a few things on that day to make her feel important. Also, put in extra efforts to remember her likes and dislikes as regards food, music, books, hangout places. And if you can get them up in some conversation someday, she might be pleasantly surprised that you remember things she mentioned in the passing.

Carry your sense of humor along
Another quality that all girls love is a witty yet silly sense of humor. Having a good sense of humor is not just about making a joke, but also about being able to take one. Girls like guys who have the ability to make them laugh, whatever the situation may be. In fact, they may start to miss you, if you are not around them to make them laugh. Remember, do not crack overtly intellectual jokes or make funny statements that are offending, for girls may not find them funny. Keep it simple and silly. The very fact that the girl is laughing at your jokes is a clear indication of, I like you and I am listening to what you are saying. And if the girl happens to frown or just stares back, you know what you have to do, right?

Make her day
Girls love compliments. All those who say they don’t, are clearly lying. Now, compliments can sweep a girl off her feet, only if you say it like you really mean it (even if you don’t). Be careful of not making any statement that would contradict your former compliment, this is what guys usually forget. The compliments could be as ordinary as about her smile, dress and features. If you think of something out of the box, thumbs up! Your compliment should have the power to show sincerity in all that you say. The bottom line is to make her feel special, wanted and cared for.

So, I guess you are well armed with the tips required to attract a girl and hoping you use it to the best of your ability. A relationship is all about compatibility, and being confident about what you want. Remember, if you have to win the heart of a girl you have to show her yours first.

How to Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

At the point when your sweetheart is in an awful state of mind, you’re in the awful temperament. That is only the way it is. It torments to see her sulking face, her self-regard pounded, and a major mope all over. As a decent beau, this postures as a test for you. There could be endless reasons why your better half is feeling low and you must cheer her up.What we need to do is de-underline that reality and give you some basic, sort of prosaism yet effective tips to perk up your sweetheart.

Sing to her

Write a poem on your own, even if it doesn’t rhyme. If you know how to play guitar, drums, or a piano, come up with a melody to your song and sing to her. And if you can’t do this face to face, grab your phone and sing your heart out.

Take her shopping

No one can decipher what’s the connection between girls and shopping. Either she purchases a new top, jewelry, or make up, or you get her something nice, her eyes will glow with joy. And even if she doesn’t buy anything, just the fact that you were with her will get her spirits high.

Cook her favorite meal

Does she like Mexican, Italian, Indian, or Chinese cuisine? Plan a nice, romantic evening with her. Set the table with candles and rose petals, and play her favorite songs during dinner. If you’re not such a great cook and don’t feel like experimenting, grab carry out instead.

Plan a picnic

Plan a picnic in the park or spend the day at the beach. The point with these two ideas is to spend time with her and divert her attention from whatever that is bothering her in the first place.

Plan a party

Grab some chick flick movies, order a pizza, make S’mores, and have a pajama party. You can either invite your mutual friends or enjoy the party with just the two of you. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, she’ll be excited with this idea.

Take her dancing

A sure shot way to cheer up a girl is to take her dancing. Girls love to dress up, do makeup, and hit the dance floor. It’s alright if you’re not into dancing; she’ll love your company. Dance the night away and spend time with her. She’ll love it that you’re trying so hard.
It really doesn’t take much to cheer up someone. All you require is a little bit of patience, understanding, and some creative ideas. Take these suggestions as relationship tips for now and the future.

Tips to Before Dating a Nerdy Girl

A young lady could be an incredible artist and still be a geek. Every one of us are geeks somehow. Unless you are only a dork! There are sure things which you have to know before you make an endeavor at dating a geeky young lady.

She is self-sufficient; can entertain herself

Most important thing. She is happy in her world and definitely not looking for any love interest. If you are approaching her, it’s your wish completely. A warning beforehand!

Doesn’t understand your gestures or indirect approaches

Forget those normal ways of approaches, by showing signs like smiling, asking for a pen, or something of that sort. She is so engrossed in her thoughts, that she might never notice your indirect gestures. The only language she understands is a direct one.

Really passionate about ALL her stuff

A nerdy girl is very passionate about her interests. Be it her TV series, a fictitious character, a physics experiment, or any recipe. You cannot add another pinch of extra sugar in her coffee, ever!

Very intelligent

Before trying to talk or woo her, brush up and pump up your knowledge level. She is one of those blunt people in the world, who will say whatever they think about you, and will never even get an idea that you were offended. They are not diplomatic at all.
Does not initiate; but once started, can become a chatterbox

They might have noticed you someday, but mind you, they will NEVER initiate a conversation. You have to make the first move. But once they start talking, be ready for long interesting conversations.

Low-maintenance girl

You will never have to worry about your empty pocket in the middle of the month. They suffice with really inexpensive gifts (they are not even expecting any gift). Sweet things like a cup of coffee, a friendship band, or a pen will also draw a smile on their face. 🙂

Very bad social sense

Yes. If you are too careful to spoil your image, this is an alarm!! Don’t approach a nerdy girl at all, ’cause you’ve no idea when she will laugh out loud in a silent space over a joke she heard two days back. Or when she’ll be crying puddles of tears in the memory of her favorite late fiction character.

Enjoys alone time, but not a loner

She doesn’t do clingy!! It’s not her thing and she expects the same from you. Give her space and her own time. She will definitely appreciate you for understanding this.

Very particular about things – time, day, color, etc.

If you commit to her about anything, she will be very particular about it. A red color shirt should be RED. And a 7 pm meeting should be AT 7PM!! No excuses, except very rare genuine ones!

She doesn’t like to change, neither is afraid of being herself

Dude! You wanted her, she did not come to you. Do not advice or instruct her to change herself. She won’t. But on the other hand, she is kind enough not to change you either. She’ll just let you be.

Introduces you to new dimensions of her world

Trust me, you will enjoy a nerdy girl’s company. You might get to know about many different things and facts about the world you didn’t even know would exist. And that glow in her eyes while talking about them to you will make you fall for her all again.

Not very girly; not a drama person at all

She is not a ‘girly’ girl. It is quite possible that you would see her hanging around with guys more than you see her with girls. It is because of a simple reason – she is not a drama queen, and doesn’t entertain one.

She sees the best in everyone and everything

A nerdy girl is a very generous and kind soul. She has that rare ability to see good everywhere. She believes that nothing is completely bad or useless. The good part is, even if you are cracked egg, she will treat you as a whole!

Has some really different and weird ideas about dates and proposals

When you are planning the next move, just remember that she is not expecting any regular way of dating or proposal. Make some effort and think about some different ways to sweep her off her feet. It will work in your favor!

Rarest case! How do you know she has started to feel for you??

A nerdy girl – she’ll actually notice that she’s rambling on about the zombies and milky way, and stops herself, saying, “But enough about zombies. Would you like to take a walk for a while? With me?”