Say to Your Girlfriend and Uplift Her Mood

It is safe to say that you are anticipating proposing to your sweetheart? Knowing awesome things to say to your sweetheart will prove to be useful in this matter. Basically planning breakfast or lunch for her is insufficient, unless you say something that makes her vibe exceptional. You have to say something that inspires her inclination.

Life without you is ‘Mission Impossible’.

In the movie ‘Jerry Maguire’, there is a scene where Tom Cruise and his wife are having a telephonic conversation. In an attempt to save his marriage, Tom says ‘You complete me’. This memorable quote is one of the most delightful things that your girlfriend would love to hear from you.
It is obvious that you have to praise your girlfriend but make sure it is not overdone, otherwise she may get irritated. You can use your own creative ideas to say something that really makes her happy. However, don’t go overboard when it comes to lauding your girlfriend, as it may backfire.
Good Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

◈ Watching your smile or hearing you talk makes my heart go boom boom.
◈ I have been waiting for years to find someone just like you.
◈ Whenever you are away, I miss your smile the most.
◈ I simply cannot stop thinking about you.
◈ You have all the qualities of an angel.
◈ You are my lucky charm, you are my love.
◈ It is because of you that I have become a better person.
◈ You are an inseparable part of me.
◈ Listening to your heartbeats is a pleasure.
Things to Say that Make Your Girlfriend Smile

◈ I would love to carry you the whole day in my arms.
◈ I want to spend my entire life with you.
◈ It is sickening to imagine a life without you.
◈ I feel depressed when you are not with me.
◈ Your smile is like the morning sun warming my day.
◈ Without you I am a boy without a soul.
◈ If asked to choose between God and you, I would choose you.
◈ You are the reason why I find this world beautiful.
◈ You are gorgeous, cute and pretty.
Good Compliments for Your Girlfriend

◈ The day I saw your innocent eyes, I fell head over heels over you.
◈ Looking at your charming smile is a great way to begin the day.
◈ No one in the world is perfect but you are beyond perfect.
◈ You are so beautiful that I envy your mirror.
◈ I love you the way you are.
◈ You are as cute as a Barbie girl.
◈ You have the most amazing eyes I have ever seen.
◈ Without you I am a single penny but with you I am buck fifty.
◈ You look pretty. That dress is amazing on you.
Good Romantic Things To Say to Your Girlfriend

◈ The best things that has happened to me is falling in love with you.
◈ A casual glance at you and my heart starts beating faster.
◈ Living without you is next to impossible.
◈ You are a priceless gem. My world revolves around you.
◈ I cannot imagine my existence without you.
◈ With you beside me, I don’t care about the rest of the world.
◈ Being in love with you, I feel, I am the most fortunate man in the world.
On the whole, there has to be some originality, when complimenting your girlfriend. So, make your interaction genuinely interesting by saying these great things to your girlfriend.

Topics to Talk About With Girls Tips

Conversing with young ladies can be marginally precarious for folks. Remembering the observation and her creative energy, discussions need to bode well. In this way, folks begin gathering a few pointers which will help you to have a smooth discussion immediately.

Girls talk a lot and who isn’t aware of that! We women admit that pretty easily as well. For all those who have seen women have discussions with each other for hours and hours, on no particular topic as such, know it to be true. However, for a guy to be able to sit down and make a sensible discussion with a girl, it takes a bit of effort.Remember boys – girls are complex, perceptive, imaginative and talkative. If you screw up, all the women will know. Then you can bid farewell to the pickup lines and the flirting.

Want To Establish The Best Conversation? Start With Weather Topics

So one thing you need to know, girls are smarter than guys. So, it is important that you acknowledge this fact when trying to fathom how to talk to girls. Girls don’t ‘only’ gossip or talk about hair. So don’t you dare try that.

Girls talk about things like current affairs, global news, socio-economic status, etc. So, if you really want to establish a good conversation with them, the best way to start is with the weather, it normally works. Make sure that you know what you are talking about. Because, if you don’t, well, they’ll catch it, and will take that against you.

Topics that Girls Love to Speak About

Talk About Her Hobbies

If you want to break the ice with a girl, then this is the most reliable option you have. Quiz her on her favorite pastimes, interests and she will be more than happy to share her pursuits of interest with you. Girls are excited to hash out their spare-time activities. In fact, by knowing about this, you will be able to get a fair idea about her; and who knows, you might even discover sharing some mutual interests.

Her Dreams and Aspirations

Forget the yesteryear, these days women have become career-oriented and have several dreams and aspirations in life. Ask her what she wishes to accomplish in her life, and she’ll gladly let you in on that. Women just need someone to hear them out. Talk to her about herself by posing the right question and it is ample to keep the conversation going forward.

Once you and the girl have drawn a comfort zone, it is time to be forthright in your thoughts and expressions. Praise her on her dressing style or the fragrances she wears. She’d sure love to be complimented! Don’t sound over-the-top in your praises, just be honest and say it from your heart.

Any compliment that comes straight from the heart is easily sensed by girls. Dropping subtle hints or remarks about her choice of perfume or jewelry is enough to trigger a conservation with her. In fact, she would be willing to chat with you on this topic, elaborating on how she chooses her stuff. All you have to do after that is, keep listening and get to spend more time!

Her Emotional Affinities
What else but discussing relationships will do the trick here! Women get emotional and sensitive when it comes to discussing relations. If rightly handled, these topics can work really well for you.

Prod her about her views on live-in relationships, infidelity, etc., and the conversation will keep flowing. If you have developed a good rapport with her and if you think you’ll do a good job handling her emotional outbursts, then you can ask her about her previous relationships and how she dealt with them. If you sense even slight awkwardness from the girl’s end, be smart and change the topic pronto by having a light conversation! And of course, do apologize for your questions!

Talk About Movies and Music

It is another dependable conversation starter with a girl. Almost all girls keep tabs on the latest happenings in the entertainment arena, be it music, movies, television and the latest gossip on the celebrities. Some girls love to devour Hollywood gossip, while some might be avid Harry Potter fans. Figure that out before you end up conversing about something that will take you nowhere!
If she is a music lover, quiz her on her favorite bands, since when did her interest generate in music, etc. Although a cliched topic, it still works out with many girls.
Talk To Her Over The Phone
Yes, most women love phone conversations. I have seen most of my male friends having problems while talking to their girlfriends on the phone. Now, don’t ask why! Boys! Don’t you follow? Talking on the phone is the loophole. You don’t need to be as attentive as you would have to be in person. And you can say things that you truly want, without worrying about how you look while saying it.
So, you can be romantic, without worrying about looking like a sissy (which is a weird myth that men have about romance – not true!). You can talk about the moon, the night sky, the fact that you wish she were there, the fact that you want nothing more than just to hold her in your arms till the end of time and so on. Be poetic on the phone; girls love it.
Other Topics that Make for Great Conversation
Talk about the latest news.
A bit of gossip works. (don’t go overboard, or you’ll become the “good friend”.).
Talk about the new restaurant nearby, that you both need to visit soon..
Talk about her favorite book, author or magazine.
Ask if she likes sports. If yes, which?
Find out what is her ultimate fantasy.
Ask her what her childhood was like, and what her family is like.
Pet peeves and fears – talk about them. Let the girl describe them in full detail.
Ask if she believes in the paranormal.
Ask if she has been in love before.
Know what’s her take on love.
Find out what makes a perfect guy for her.
Ask if she likes to party. If yes, how much does she party?
Talk about the things (habits) she detests most in people.

So, you see, there is just so much. I have merely scraped the tip of the iceberg here. Go on and plunge into the depths of how to talk to people. Try it out. Girls are sensitive, if girls know that you are making an effort, they will appreciate it. Most of the girls find it cute as well. So, don’t worry, it ain’t an exam to pass, just something that a guy has to do, right?
Girls are complex, but very simple at the same time. Don’t try to fathom the working of our minds, you will not succeed. Just note that girls often pretend to be dumber than they are, just to make you feel more confident. So, appreciate that. Don’t try to use these tips to play around. Be sincere with your efforts, you will see how much luckier you will get that way. Get talking now!

Things Girls Like to Hear

images-7Sweetheart, “Let me know what I intend to you and why you adore me.” The beau starts to sweat. Sounds natural? Do you think that its hard to advise your young lady what she intends to you? Is it accurate to say that you are tongue-tied when she asks you what she’s looking like? For all you young men out there, we should discuss the things to say that will make your woman grin. Yes, it is to be sure conceivable to make us cheerful. You simply need to know the right words, and obviously, did I specify, mean them.

“It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away.” Boyzone surely won the hearts of a million girls all over the world with this song ‘Words’. Science teaches us that boys and girls are wired differently when it comes to most things, including emotions and love. This puts many guys into trouble, as they find it difficult to express their feelings to their lady love. So what do you say when cupid strikes, when your girl is looking so gorgeous that it makes you weak in the knees, when she is sad and it kills you to see her cry, or when you are just simply happy to have her in your life. What better way to get an answer to these, than to ask women!

Dear men all over the world, do not roll your eyes at the mention of cliches. They really do work if used correctly and said with true feelings. Keep it simple and tell her upfront, she’ll appreciate your honesty and courage.

No matter how much we deny, we all have a mushy side to us, and whether we make it obvious or not is really not important. Now, saying cute things once in a while is really not going to damage your manliness, is it.

“Breakfast’s ready, hon!” on a lazy Sunday morning, when you feel inclined to oversleep the most, just after you wake up!

There are some of us that live by the ‘actions speak louder than words’ rule. A lot goes into making a relationship work. And sometimes, just saying the words is not enough. You have got to make your woman feel special as well.
“I have many friends. But you know what sets you apart? I really like you. Making you smile is my most favorite thing to do.”
Not all women are obsessed with fairy tales, as most guys like to believe. A majority of the fairer sex is also blessed with the virtue of practicality. So, if you are with a girl who has her head firmly placed on her shoulders, the rule is simple, keep it realistic.
“You’re the Calvin to my Hobbes!”
It’s time to put in some effort and get creative, boys! Intelligence is quite a turn on for most women. Want to impress a woman belonging to this category? Using old and copied lines is surely not your answer. What you need is, to get those gray cells working.

Keep It Short & Sweet

Contrary to popular belief, girls are not very complicated. We may really enjoy our occasional, materialistic shopping sprees, but when it comes to love, simplicity is the key. Simple gestures, like calling back when you said you’d call later, mean a lot to us. If you have already confessed how you feel about her, that should be no reason to stop saying special things. Every girl will agree that an unexpected ‘I love you’ or sweet things said by their special someone, can really make their day!

“I spent the whole day with you, and it’s been just a few minutes that I’ve been away but I’ve already started missing you!”

“Tell us you can’t think of surviving a day without us, and we’ll give you our everything. A man who can lie enough to make a woman happy is THE one.”
We all have those days when just nothing seems right. All we want to do is cuddle up to our man and have him pamper us. These are the days when we do not want to hear practical stuff. Trust me when I say, what we want you guys to do is, to hold us close and lie to us. Yes, that’s right. Tell us everything is going to be okay even if it isn’t.

Sweet terms like gorgeous, beautiful, princess. Used in moderation, these make a girl happy.

Compliment. If a girl makes the effort to dress up for you, your compliment will make her feel like the effort paid off.

Appreciate. It will boost her confidence to know you believe in her and that you appreciate when she goes out of her way to do small things for you.

Get naughty! Now this one is strictly for the guys who have already won the heart of their special girl. If you are on your way to meet her, text her saying you cannot wait to take her in your arms or that the rains make you want to kiss her…

Insecurity and jealousy are known to ruin a relationship. It is important to express what she means to you and where she stands in your life. Tell her why she is different from all the other girls in your life.

Woodrow Wyatt once said, A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears. The man really got it right! If you’ve found the one you love, say it, express yourself, and never let her go.

Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend

Dating somebody for quite a while makes you feel just as you most likely are aware the individual all around ok. It gives you the degree to accept things and let hush justify itself. Particularly ladies. This species loves to talk! Furthermore, they adore it significantly more when somebody makes them talk.

Every relationship reaches a point where silence becomes the conversation, where it is easy to gage the other person’s likes, dislikes, routines, and everyday happenings. The frequent texting all through the day makes the topics to talk about even more scarce.

However, meaningful conversations are definitely possible despite the lack of things to talk about. Sometimes, taking a trip down memory lane or visualizing your future can help you connect with one another.

With all the excitement of being together and spending time together, this question usually gets overseen. Just pop this question in at a cute moment to see her blush! This small talk is a great way of brightening the mood, breaking the deafening silence, and reassuring each other.

Sometimes, it is fun to relive old memories. Tell her how you felt when she kissed you for the first time. It could well be your chance to initiate an intimate moment.

Quite clichéd, but works wonders! Describe her three best qualities, to make her feel special. Simple words can make a mundane evening seem fun. This is the best opportunity to rekindle your romance, and to fall in love all over again.

This is a serious question to ask your girlfriend. So, this should be asked only if you are in a serious relationship. Be playful and keep a teasing intonation while asking this question. This can help you know what’s on her mind. If both of you are actually planning to have a future together, then you can settle down on names too!

Some More Topics to Talk About With Your Girlfriend
~ What’s your idea of a romantic date?
~ What was your first impression about me?
~ What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done?
~ How would you define happiness?
~ How would you like to spend your vacations?
~ What is your biggest inspiration?
~ How far would you go to achieve your dreams?
~ What are the things that you would want to do alone?
~ What has been your biggest regret?
~ Where do you see yourself five years down the line?
~ If you could pick one thing to improve about yourself, what would it be?
~ What according to you is the root cause of every problem in a relationship?
~ What is your definition of love?
~ Would you like to settle down in a different city/country/state?
~ Any specific traits you would like to see in your life partner?
~ Whom are you more closer to, your mom or your dad?
~ How would you define your ideal job?
~ What is your definition of emotional infidelity? How would you take it if it happened to us?

Healthy communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Let’s not take our partners for granted. We shut our emotional connections in the hope that the other person would simply understand. This causes a pile up of unsaid feelings and emotions. Thus, it is imperative that there is a constant effort to build a strong bridge of communication, which is based on appreciation and honesty.