Tips to Survive Them

Ladies play a few personality amusements with men to stand out enough to be noticed or cherish. They control you as well as adventure you for their own particular intrigue. In the event that you examine their conduct, you will have the capacity to tell when they are enjoying these conspiring mind amusements.

Women go even a step further to defeat men while playing mind games. Many women play mind games because they want to exercise a sense of control in their relationship. Most of the time, such mind games will affect your relationship adversely.

You will be able to cope with these mind games played by your girlfriend in a better way, if you have the knack of identifying them. This Buzzle article intends to help you in understanding the mind games that women play so that you can plan a foolproof strategy to deal with them.

The ‘Waiting’ Game
So, you have finally called her, and she is taking a lifetime to pick up your call. You try to reach her on her cell phone repeatedly, but to no avail. Or you may be waiting for her to pick her up for a date, and she keeps you waiting for hours at a stretch. She does this because she wants you to keep guessing if she is really interested in you. She loves to play the cat and mouse game with you. Observe that after she keeps you waiting, you will start chasing her even more than earlier.

She keeps you waiting because she knows you are dying to be with her.

Surviving the Game
First of all, if she is doing this with you, stop chasing her as if she is the last girl on the planet. Don’t call her if she is not picking your calls. Wait for her to give you a call back. Don’t make her feel that she is the only person who is important to you.

The ‘Sexy Clothes’ Game
You are out on your date, and she purposely comes wearing a stunning outfit which enhances all her curves. This has you ogling at her body. She notices this, gets angry because of it, and says that you are only interested in her body, not her soul. While her intention of wearing such a revealing outfit was to grab all your attention, she reprimands you for acting out of your natural instinct.

She actually wants you to notice her sexy curvaceous body and enjoys seeing you ogling at her.

Surviving the Game
Can’t you see that she has gone to great lengths in wearing an outfit which is bringing out her curves? And she knows exactly how to attract you. Try to ignore her, and do not allow your jaw to drop when you lay your eyes on her. Turn the tables on her by not giving her any kind of attention, and then watch all the fun.

The ‘No Sex’ Game
So, being a hot-blooded male, you expect to get physically intimate with your girlfriend. However, there comes a time when she expects you to give her something in return for sex. This can be an emotional condition, like not going to work, not meeting friends, not watching baseball, or calling a close friend, etc. It can also be a materialistic condition, like taking her out for shopping, ordering something for her on the Internet, or taking her out to the most happening club, etc. And as usual, you have to comply with everything she tells you only because otherwise it will directly result in a ‘no sex’ relationship. Well, if she is using sex as a ruse to have her way, it is high time that you stop letting yourself get manipulated at her hands.

She manipulates you in this way because she knows that you are desperate to get intimate with her and will give anything in return for it.

Surviving the Game
Please don’t become a toy in her hands only to get physically intimate with her. Have some self-respect; don’t just yield to her wants. Tell her that sex is a mutual decision, and you will wait till she is willing and ready for it. Also, tell her that you are really too busy to run errands for her, or you do not have budget at the moment to spend on her. This will just ruin her mind game.

The ‘Handle My Mood Swings’ Game
So, one day while you are taking potshots at her friends, she tells you sternly that you cannot talk to her best friend that way, if you want your relationship. The very next day she has a cat fight with her best friend and comes up with a number of expletives for her. When you keep quiet and don’t say anything about her best friend, she rebukes you for not taking her side or comforting her. Irrespective of the PMS, this will happen most of the time, when your girlfriend will conveniently switch sides according to her mood.

She tries to exploit your good side and likes you to behave according to her mood swings.

Surviving the Game
Unless she tries to use your reactions to her mind games against you, playing along can be a harmless option. However, if she tries to blame you for changing your point of view from time to time, put your foot down, and explain to her that you only do this to make her happy.

The ‘Playing Dumb’ Game
Girls often like to play dumb, because they want you to do their work. Don’t you think, she owns her phone so she knows how to download the infinite number of apps on it? She only gives the task to you because she is either lazy, or she knows you will do anything for her at the drop of a hat. Or she may know how to mow the lawn, but wants you to do it. So, she pretends that she does not know how to go ahead with it. Stop treating your girlfriend like a damsel in distress, if it is totally distressing you.

She knows that you will run to her rescue every time, so she will make you work on things which are meant to be done by her.

Surviving the Game
This is actually a very harmless game unless she is making you run errands for her every day or using you for her benefit. Try to play along until the time you think that her demands have increased with every coming day. Remember, you are not her wish-fulfilling genie. One of the wiser strategies would be involving her in the work and making it a ‘couple activity.’

The ‘Playing Victim’ Game
Tears are the best weapon that women own. Many girlfriends use it every now and then to achieve what they want or to emotionally blackmail you. Not all men give in to this mind game, but if you have a soft heart, you may become a victim easily. Especially, if it is a new relationship, you will do anything and everything under the sun to make your girl stop crying, even if it means skipping work for a day, lending her your precious car, or even deleting friends from your Facebook account because she does not like them. Try ignoring her tears, and she would show you that she is not really ‘the cutest poor thing’ as you had thought earlier.

She uses tears to melt your heart and make you yield to her desires.

Surviving the Game
While sometimes, the tears may be genuine, there will be instances when you will understand that she is clearly playing a mind game with you. You can put it across subtly yet sternly to her that you need to go ahead with what you had planned, and tears will not help. You can also tell her some good things and encourage her to be strong so that she may not feel completely defeated in this mind game.

The ‘We Need to Talk’ Game
This game is really easy to identify. You may be out with your buddies or watching a basketball game on TV. She will interrupt you by calling you up or telling you the most dreaded sentence for boyfriends―”We need to talk.” The conversation may be heading towards, “You don’t find time for me” or “Everything else is important for you other than me.” This means that your plan to watch the game or having a ‘guy time’ with your friends will go for a full toss. Most of the time, these conversations will not delve upon anything important.

She wants to exercise her control on every aspect of your life and wants to be the center of your attention.

Surviving the Game
Try to convince her that you will talk to her after some time when both of you cool down. Tell her that she means a lot to you and you don’t want to say harsh things that you really don’t mean to her in a fit of anger. It will also be good for her to take up this confrontation after sometime when both of you have given it a rational thought. This will allow you the time and space to do what you want as well as make her feel that you are not completely ignoring her.

The ‘Bait’ Game
In this type of game, your girlfriend will bombard you with questions, like “Is this hairstyle suiting me?”, “Am I looking fat?”, “How am I looking in this dress?”, etc. The problem is that if you say, “No, it is looking wonderful on you” or “No, you never look fat”, your girlfriend will infer that you are just not interested in the way she looks. However, you will also face the music if you give your honest opinion and go against the nature of your compliment-fishing girlfriend.


She tries to pick up a fight with you so that you will be sorry that you have hurt her by your words or even by remaining silent.

Surviving the Game
The best way to survive this game is simply by saying sentences of flattery like, “You know you are the most beautiful girl for me” or “You are not too skinny or fat, you are just perfect.” Trust me, a little diplomacy will not only make you survive this game, but also win it.

The ‘Flirt with Others’ Game
If your pretty girlfriend tries to flirt with other men, then she is probably sending out signals to you that you should know what kind of an attractive girlfriend you have. She does this to make you fall madly in love with her. Also, she quite enjoys seeing you puffing fire through your nose out of jealously. She flirts so that you know she is an extremely beautiful girl who is sexually attractive for other men.

She wants you to know that she has the power to attract other men as well.

Surviving the Game
Ignore her while she flirts with others. If you show her that you are jealous, she will only increase her efforts in making you feel insecure. Try to tell her that you don’t get jealous because you have faith in her, and you know that she will never cheat you. This can really change her approach, and she may stop flirting completely.

The ‘Expensive Date’ Game
Is she practically treating you like her credit card? Whether it is new clothes for her or a salon time for her pet pooch, does she make you shell out your hard-earned money for everything? If she takes you to expensive clubs, restaurants, shopping centers, cafés, and makes you pay the bill, she is monetarily manipulating you. This is because she knows that you want to get physically intimate with her and won’t be able to do it unless you listen to her each and every whim.


She will make you ‘pay’ because she knows that you really want to be with her.

Surviving the Game

Try doing this―take her to the expensive restaurant she always wanted to visit, and when the bill arrives, act as if you have forgotten your wallet at home. She will have no choice but to pay for it. This will also indicate to her that you are completely aware of her mind games.

The ‘Silent Treatment’ Game

Now, this one is a classic. Sometimes, when you are out on a date, your girlfriend will just go quiet. You will try to recollect all your actions and words which would have ‘hurt’ her and resulted in this silent treatment. You keep on prodding her with the question, “What have I done?” but she remains silent and expects you to give her the answer. If you delay in realizing how you have irked her, it will only add to her anger.

She does this so that you will keep on wondering what is it that you have done wrong.

Surviving the Game
Stop asking her if you have done anything to chide her. Just remain calm as if nothing has happened. Tell her that she can take her time to cool down, and you will wait for her to have a conversation. This will be an unexpected reaction to her mind game, and sooner or later, she will break her silence to let you know what went wrong.

Apart from these, there are several other mind games that women play on men like the ‘comparison’ game, the ‘ultimatum’ game, the ‘mind reading’ game, the ‘reverse psychology’ game, the ‘selfish’ game, etc. Now that you are completely aware about the mind games women play in relationships, recognize them easily, and don’t forget to plan a strategic counterattack.

Tips for Men Will Simply Blow Your Mind

It’s Friday and tomorrow is your huge date with the young lady you’ve been loving for at some point. In any case, you are anxious and don’t need sweat spilling down your face while conversing with her. Here are a few tips to ensure your date goes well.

Are you looking for a great idea for a date? And are not sure about the place, what to do and what to say to her? Well, in that case, you will be relieved to know that you are not the only man who has his tongue twisted on what to do on a date. Most men find it hard to get a date in this busy world, and then to arrange it so as to have a great time, is a task in itself. Creating a good impression will help you get the second chance with her. Here are a few tips.

Choose the Best Ambiance

“You know what adds to the beauty of this place?…. You!”
Great love stories need great backdrops. Your lady will be impressed if you take care of this part of your date. Choose the best place where you two can sit comfortably and chat. Prefer quieter places. Best doesn’t mean expensive restaurants, it can be a simple round-the-corner cafe. But it should give you the much-needed privacy. If you are creative, then go ahead and create the ambiance. You can invite some musicians, spread a carpet of petals or book the entire hotel and decorate it.

Present Yourself Well

“It’s awesome… with you I can be myself”
You don’t have to wear a tux, but it is important that your clothes are clean and odor free. Shave, have a haircut (if needed) and shower please. Remember no belching (or anything that will embarrass you), and no the food was good is not an excuse for it. And yes, don’t forget the perfume. Women are attracted to men who smell good!

Don’t Forget the Gifts

“Love above everything else is the only gift that I can give you..”
While going for a date, you should take a present for her. Girls love gifts more than anything. And if it’s a surprise, your score by the end of the date will increase by few extra points! Flowers, chocolates, soft toys, some goodies, etc., are a few good gifting options if the date is the first one. In case you know her well, then you can gift her favorite perfume, book, etc. All this will make your date like you even more. Also, arranging for some good romantic music will add to the cause.

Break the Ice

“We have lots of things in common … that’s a great sign!”
You need some good topics to start with. Read! Yes, as silly as it may sound, you must read the paper and learn about the latest occurrences in your city. It gives you some topics to talk about. But avoid discussing topics where you are aware that she might not have much to say. This will only project you as someone who brags about his knowledge.Give her the chance to share her views as well. Also remember that she might be judging you, and good conversational skills is definitely an advantage.

Keep it Light

“Today I caught myself smiling for no reason, and I realized I was thinking about you!”
If humor does not come to you naturally, then it is a good idea to rehearse some funny stories.It might sound lame, but if you come across as someone who has a great sense of humor, you are mostly going to get that second date. It is not a good idea to crack a joke on some of her habits, it will only annoy her. Clean humor is always welcome and women surely like men who make them laugh.

Shower Her with Compliments

“I had heard that ‘beauty with brains’ existed. But never thought it was true, until I met you”
Girls love compliments! Compliment her about her choice of dress, her hairstyle, her smile or you can simply compliment her for her looks. Let it come naturally. The girl will know it if you are trying to bluff. In case you are not impressed with the dress, you can compliment her for the effort. After all, she has made all efforts for you! But do not overdo it. It may appear fake!

Let the Eyes Do the Talking

“If love is a language of the eyes, my eyes speak volumes.”
Your love for your date will be clearly seen in your eyes. So, let her read them. Even if you are unable to express your feelings during the date, your eyes will do the talking. Sometimes, silence is indeed golden. It will give a chance to both of you to feel your love for each other without the need of expressing them.

Give Her the Limelight

“You have touched my heart in a way no one did!”
We all love to talk about ourselves and women love it even more (trust me, I know). So let the conversation steer around the woman and her interests and life. You can talk about yourself on the next date.

Be Attentive

“The way you are filing in my sentences… it feels like we know each other since ages.”
Yes yes you may have heard this a dozen times, but it still doesn’t hurt to hear it again does it. Listen to what the woman is saying and make sure you come across as someone who is a great listener. Imagine how put off she will be if she asks you your opinion and you have no idea what she was talking about.

Be Friendly

“I am lucky to have met a wonderful person like you.”
Don’t start complaining about you being reserved and nervous. It’s just not going to cut it if both of you are going to be reserved and no one does the talking. Be friendly, make her comfortable and watch her growing closer to you (in some cases literally).

Don’t Say a Plain Goodbye

“I wish… this moment lasted forever.”
The other important point to keep in mind is never end your date abruptly. Even if you are done with the dinner and everything that is planned, keep something for those last moments. Girls don’t like plain good-byes. You could create the best last impression by saying something really special. Or you could just compliment her one more time. By doing so maybe, you could end up receiving some compliments for yourself too or may be a kiss as well!

Moves to Avoid
›› Commenting on the attire.
›› Ordering food without consulting her.
›› Talking about your ex.
›› Asking your date to share the bill.
›› Ask her to get herself home.
›› Eying the beautiful lady sitting on the adjacent table. (No matter how beautiful she is!).
›› Eating too much onion or garlic.

The Perfect Date
As I have mentioned earlier, good backgrounds always work in your favor. Perfect places will give you the much-needed privacy. Here are a few ideas that are less clichéd.

Take Her to a Play:

Going together for a movie is a thing of the past. Instead you can plan to take her to a play. They are live and some moments are spontaneously created. The idea is more classy. You can have some good chat with her while watching the play. The best part is, not all plays are houseful, so your privacy is maintained. You can have a dance with her when the music is played. The date can end with a dinner. By the end of it, you will have nothing but good memories.

Have a Homemade Dinner:

How about a dinner…but at your place. You can cook for her and play the host. The dishes can be simple. The whole idea is to spend some quality time together. Keep the entire setting simple. Light music in the background will add to the romance. The best part of the dinner will be that there will be no distractions. It will be just the two of you!
Planning the date always helps. But try to do something spontaneous that will surprise your girl. Remember, dates are always special. There are many moments that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Go ahead, create memories.

How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

Is it true that you are wanting to request that a young lady be your better half? Uh-huh… so you need to make it a standout amongst the most uncommon and esteemed snapshots of your life. All things considered, here are a couple of sentimental approaches to request that a young lady be your better half.

Love is the most integral part of our lives. But to express this love is not easy, or rather, let’s just say to each his own. Every girl or boy wants this moment to be one of the most special moments in their lives. This article is for all those boys who have found their true love, lost their heart and are just waiting to confess it all to their princesses. But, if you are not sure as to how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend… Maybe I can help you to ask a girl to be your girlfriend in the most romantic way possible. So, here you go.

The girl you want to be your girlfriend, is definitely the one you have spent time with. You have partied with her, must have watched movies together, talked on the phone at night for hours long, and so on. The bottom line is you guys know each other well and you are sure of she being “the girl” in your life. Great! It’s important for you to be sure about this.

Now, start giving her hints that you like her and are thinking seriously about getting into a relationship with her; do small little things for her, help her out, show that you are concerned about her, praise her, confide in her, etc., because you do not want to shock her or upset her when you are going to pour out your feelings for her. The moment you ask her to be your girlfriend, it has to be a pleasant surprise for her. Moreover, the most romantic way to ask a girl to be your lover will just make her fall for you more strongly. Listed below are a few romantic ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Pick one of these and you are sure to thank me for this.

♥ Arrange for a Moonlight Dinner

Take the help of your friends and arrange for a dinner table at the seashore (if that is difficult, a pool side would do). Make sure you have her favorite cuisine served and her favorite drink. Now, when both of you get to the venue, she is sure to get a hint of something special happening, so, just speak your heart out! It’s the most romantic way to ask her out, against the dim moonlight, just the two of you, the small ripples of waves touching your feet and romance in the air.

♥ Go on Your Knees

This is not as common as it sounds, we are going to modify the whole thing. Select a place, it could be a garden, your out-house, a restaurant or anything. Now, light plenty of candles or you could arrange these in a way that they say “I love you”. I know it sounds very mushy, but trust me, girls like mushy ways. When she arrives at the venue, just go down on your knees, with your arms open and say it all, this is sure to make her fall madly in love with you. It is definitely going to be a awww… moment. This idea is surely one of the most romantic ways to ask a girl to become your girlfriend.

♥ Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is the most romantic way to speak your heart out. Though it sounds a little difficult, but everything is easy if you really want her and want to make it absolutely special for her. So, identify the place where you have hot air balloon rides. At first, go alone, find out the price, tell the hot air balloon pilot about your idea, he will be able to guide you. On the D-day, get your love along, take her for the ride and when you are up in the sky, away from the rest of the world, it is the right time, just say it all and she is sure to be impressed with your creative way of asking her out. You can cuddle her in your arms then.

♥ Sing it Out to Her

There can be nothing more romantic than singing your feelings to her. If you are a guitarist or well-versed with playing any other musical instrument, it just adds more meaning to the idea. Take her out for a candle light dinner, make sure you book the entire place for yourself and if that is not possible, go ahead and arrange it at your place or at a friend’s studio. When you start with your drinks, get the guitar out, sing the most romantic song for her, then ask her for a close dance and whisper those three magical words into her ears. She is sure to repeat them to you, adding a “too” and maybe a kiss too.

♥ Ask Her Out in Public

Do not try this idea unless you are dead sure she feels the same for you, since both yours and hers image is at stake here. The idea is take her out to a party and ask the DJ there to play all her favorite songs. Make sure you announce that all those songs are being played for her. Now, she is going to brace herself for something special. Just then, grab the mike and confess your love to her, ask her to be your girlfriend. She going to love you for your uniqueness and the way you make her feel special with so many people around.
What are you waiting for, just go and get her. These are the top 5 ways you can win your love. There are many more romantic ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, you just have to come up with something special and unique. Remember to be yourself, even if it is the most stupid thing you want to say to her, it has to be you and very genuine. Never regret having expressed your love even if she has a negative answer for you, at least you gave it a try, and confessed your feelings for her. Love cannot be forced upon, it’s a beautiful feeling that evokes from within and it’s never planned. Moreover, “when you love someone truly and want her genuinely, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve her.”

Ways to Sweep a Girl Off Her Feet

Young ladies are hard to see, consequently charming a young lady may appear like a troublesome assignment. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you approach a lady appropriately and make her vibe extraordinary, your assignment turns into a considerable measure simpler.

Women are a mystery. You never know what they may approve of and what they might not. However, if you’re head over heels in love with a girl, you would definitely want her to feel the same about you, wouldn’t you? You would want to impress her without being creepy or too pushy. So, what are these effective tips to sweep a girl off her feet?

Every girl and her preferences are different. Something that woos one girl may not work for another. Yet there are some common things most girls love; to watch a mushy romantic movie, going on long drive, being emotionally stimulated, wanting to be listened to and a few other listed below. Get to know what works best for your girl and act likewise. However, the crux of attracting a girl should be natural, subtle and more importantly “sincere”.

Be yourself!
Do not try to portray what you are not. This one thing guys must infuse in them. “Stop being what you are not”. By doing this, you are not only fooling the girl you want, but yourself as well. Also, do not boast and keep talking about your achievements and accolades, thinking she will be impressed; she may get bored and feel like escaping from there ASAP. No doubt it is important for you to initiate a conversation, but let her do the talking, ask her questions or make statements and see what she has to say about them. Get her talking and you do the listening. This will only help you know her better, and help you decide whether you want to take it to the next level.

Get a little more innovative and personal
In most cheesy movies, guys bring red flowers and a box of chocolates to woo a girl. But in reality, it takes more than just flowers and chocolates. Not that the above two gifts do not help you attract a girl, they will; however, they are so cliched and old. Avoid the obvious things and get a little more creative and personal. That does not mean you buy her expensive gifts, but pay attention to her tastes and gift her accordingly. Guys always try to go in for fancy and expensive things, but girls feel appreciated if guys acknowledge their small preferences and tastes. Out-of-the-blue a bouquet of flowers and chocolate boxes can work wonders.

Be a gentleman
Pay heed to the pettiest of things like pulling a chair for her, opening the door and letting her walk before you, talking slowly and making her feel as if she is the center of your universe. This will definitely sweep her off her feet. When she introduces you to her friends, be graciously wonderful to them; you never know she might just be impressed. Remember special days like her birthday, and plan a few things on that day to make her feel important. Also, put in extra efforts to remember her likes and dislikes as regards food, music, books, hangout places. And if you can get them up in some conversation someday, she might be pleasantly surprised that you remember things she mentioned in the passing.

Carry your sense of humor along
Another quality that all girls love is a witty yet silly sense of humor. Having a good sense of humor is not just about making a joke, but also about being able to take one. Girls like guys who have the ability to make them laugh, whatever the situation may be. In fact, they may start to miss you, if you are not around them to make them laugh. Remember, do not crack overtly intellectual jokes or make funny statements that are offending, for girls may not find them funny. Keep it simple and silly. The very fact that the girl is laughing at your jokes is a clear indication of, I like you and I am listening to what you are saying. And if the girl happens to frown or just stares back, you know what you have to do, right?

Make her day
Girls love compliments. All those who say they don’t, are clearly lying. Now, compliments can sweep a girl off her feet, only if you say it like you really mean it (even if you don’t). Be careful of not making any statement that would contradict your former compliment, this is what guys usually forget. The compliments could be as ordinary as about her smile, dress and features. If you think of something out of the box, thumbs up! Your compliment should have the power to show sincerity in all that you say. The bottom line is to make her feel special, wanted and cared for.

So, I guess you are well armed with the tips required to attract a girl and hoping you use it to the best of your ability. A relationship is all about compatibility, and being confident about what you want. Remember, if you have to win the heart of a girl you have to show her yours first.

How to Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

At the point when your sweetheart is in an awful state of mind, you’re in the awful temperament. That is only the way it is. It torments to see her sulking face, her self-regard pounded, and a major mope all over. As a decent beau, this postures as a test for you. There could be endless reasons why your better half is feeling low and you must cheer her up.What we need to do is de-underline that reality and give you some basic, sort of prosaism yet effective tips to perk up your sweetheart.

Sing to her

Write a poem on your own, even if it doesn’t rhyme. If you know how to play guitar, drums, or a piano, come up with a melody to your song and sing to her. And if you can’t do this face to face, grab your phone and sing your heart out.

Take her shopping

No one can decipher what’s the connection between girls and shopping. Either she purchases a new top, jewelry, or make up, or you get her something nice, her eyes will glow with joy. And even if she doesn’t buy anything, just the fact that you were with her will get her spirits high.

Cook her favorite meal

Does she like Mexican, Italian, Indian, or Chinese cuisine? Plan a nice, romantic evening with her. Set the table with candles and rose petals, and play her favorite songs during dinner. If you’re not such a great cook and don’t feel like experimenting, grab carry out instead.

Plan a picnic

Plan a picnic in the park or spend the day at the beach. The point with these two ideas is to spend time with her and divert her attention from whatever that is bothering her in the first place.

Plan a party

Grab some chick flick movies, order a pizza, make S’mores, and have a pajama party. You can either invite your mutual friends or enjoy the party with just the two of you. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, she’ll be excited with this idea.

Take her dancing

A sure shot way to cheer up a girl is to take her dancing. Girls love to dress up, do makeup, and hit the dance floor. It’s alright if you’re not into dancing; she’ll love your company. Dance the night away and spend time with her. She’ll love it that you’re trying so hard.
It really doesn’t take much to cheer up someone. All you require is a little bit of patience, understanding, and some creative ideas. Take these suggestions as relationship tips for now and the future.

Tips to Before Dating a Nerdy Girl

A young lady could be an incredible artist and still be a geek. Every one of us are geeks somehow. Unless you are only a dork! There are sure things which you have to know before you make an endeavor at dating a geeky young lady.

She is self-sufficient; can entertain herself

Most important thing. She is happy in her world and definitely not looking for any love interest. If you are approaching her, it’s your wish completely. A warning beforehand!

Doesn’t understand your gestures or indirect approaches

Forget those normal ways of approaches, by showing signs like smiling, asking for a pen, or something of that sort. She is so engrossed in her thoughts, that she might never notice your indirect gestures. The only language she understands is a direct one.

Really passionate about ALL her stuff

A nerdy girl is very passionate about her interests. Be it her TV series, a fictitious character, a physics experiment, or any recipe. You cannot add another pinch of extra sugar in her coffee, ever!

Very intelligent

Before trying to talk or woo her, brush up and pump up your knowledge level. She is one of those blunt people in the world, who will say whatever they think about you, and will never even get an idea that you were offended. They are not diplomatic at all.
Does not initiate; but once started, can become a chatterbox

They might have noticed you someday, but mind you, they will NEVER initiate a conversation. You have to make the first move. But once they start talking, be ready for long interesting conversations.

Low-maintenance girl

You will never have to worry about your empty pocket in the middle of the month. They suffice with really inexpensive gifts (they are not even expecting any gift). Sweet things like a cup of coffee, a friendship band, or a pen will also draw a smile on their face. 🙂

Very bad social sense

Yes. If you are too careful to spoil your image, this is an alarm!! Don’t approach a nerdy girl at all, ’cause you’ve no idea when she will laugh out loud in a silent space over a joke she heard two days back. Or when she’ll be crying puddles of tears in the memory of her favorite late fiction character.

Enjoys alone time, but not a loner

She doesn’t do clingy!! It’s not her thing and she expects the same from you. Give her space and her own time. She will definitely appreciate you for understanding this.

Very particular about things – time, day, color, etc.

If you commit to her about anything, she will be very particular about it. A red color shirt should be RED. And a 7 pm meeting should be AT 7PM!! No excuses, except very rare genuine ones!

She doesn’t like to change, neither is afraid of being herself

Dude! You wanted her, she did not come to you. Do not advice or instruct her to change herself. She won’t. But on the other hand, she is kind enough not to change you either. She’ll just let you be.

Introduces you to new dimensions of her world

Trust me, you will enjoy a nerdy girl’s company. You might get to know about many different things and facts about the world you didn’t even know would exist. And that glow in her eyes while talking about them to you will make you fall for her all again.

Not very girly; not a drama person at all

She is not a ‘girly’ girl. It is quite possible that you would see her hanging around with guys more than you see her with girls. It is because of a simple reason – she is not a drama queen, and doesn’t entertain one.

She sees the best in everyone and everything

A nerdy girl is a very generous and kind soul. She has that rare ability to see good everywhere. She believes that nothing is completely bad or useless. The good part is, even if you are cracked egg, she will treat you as a whole!

Has some really different and weird ideas about dates and proposals

When you are planning the next move, just remember that she is not expecting any regular way of dating or proposal. Make some effort and think about some different ways to sweep her off her feet. It will work in your favor!

Rarest case! How do you know she has started to feel for you??

A nerdy girl – she’ll actually notice that she’s rambling on about the zombies and milky way, and stops herself, saying, “But enough about zombies. Would you like to take a walk for a while? With me?”

Tips to Manipulate a Woman into Liking You

unduhan-14You’re most likely pondering about routes on the best way to get a lady to like you; well I’m going to let you know how to do only that. It’s about knowing how to approach a lady, and seeing how the female sex capacities.

When men get turned down by women, their egos are instantly fired up, often blowing out of proportion, making them do something extremely stupid. Men have to first understand that you can’t just walk up to a woman you hardly know, and expect her to agree to going out on a date with you. Unless she’s as desperate as you are, then yes she will agree.

This is where the warning flag pops up desperately trying to get your attention, to show you just how easy she is to manipulate. For those guys out there who want to do it the right way – get a woman they really like, and get her to want to go out with you, then this one’s for those guys. There are all kinds of men out there, where most of them are frankly, well, pigs. You can’t blame us women for being so cynical, and putting up our guard when it comes to men.

The sad part is that most of us ladies want to have a good time, because honestly, there are no good guys left, so now we’re commitment phobic. If you think you’re worth the trouble, then step right up and find out ways to manipulate a woman into liking you, and making them realize that, you know what, maybe this guy deserves a chance. Here’s how you can break down a woman’s psychology, and find out what she really wants.

Ways on How to Manipulate Women into Liking You

There are a lot of men out there who don’t want to take the time to really get to know a woman, and really find out what she’s all about. How hard can it be to dissect her mind, and give her exactly what she wants, and make it clear at the same time what you expect? Here’s how you can work on those manipulative skills.

  • So you like this woman – she’s either your colleague, a neighbor you’ve not had the courage to ask out, someone you met online or a woman friend of someone you know. Whoever that woman is, she has a lot to say, and trust me she has a history. You need to start out very casually with questions that aren’t personal at all – like work, family life, what she does all day, her tastes, what she dislikes, how she spends her weekends, her outlook on random issues and so on. Build on that, and find a common ground that the two of you can relate to. The best way to bond with a woman, is have a strong similar interest in something, and know that you can approach that subject whenever you want. It’s the safest way for two people to connect, because you feel comfortable with opening up to them eventually.
  • Find out if she’s seeing someone or likes a guy – see if she opens up about things like that, and if she doesn’t – don’t push it. A woman when comfortable and in her element, will tell you everything, but if she has a bad relationship past, she’s likely to lie low. Give her time, and space and she just may come around.
  • Compliment her often, so that she feels good about herself. Point out to her how good she looked in a particular skirt or pair of jeans – she’ll automatically start stocking up on these to look good everyday.
  • Invite her for functions or events that she’d like to go to, be it an art opening, a concert, inauguration of a new restaurant or anything that you know she would really like to go for. Score her some tickets, reserve a place for two, and make it seem casual and not like you two are on a date.
  • If you want her to open up to you, you need to be upfront with her first. Don’t expect women to be overly honest, and shut yourself down when asked the same questions back. She wants to get to know you too, and you need to give her some answers in order to get some back. It’s a barter system really. If you want her to be honest and frank, she’ll expect the same thing in return.
  • Don’t be judgmental, and strike down things that are important to her – like her job, her family, friends or things she’s passionate about. When you do, then you come off as a jerk and the kind that cannot respect a woman. If you honestly see that something is ruining her, or messing with her mind then gently approach the topic and ask her why she keeps doing that to herself. She’ll see that you are genuinely helping her out, and will confide in you. Don’t rush her if she doesn’t want to talk about it. Women need time to open up to a guy, especially if she’s had past relationship issues to deal with.
  • Be supportive if you find out about something that has hurt her, or made her upset. If she’s pissed off, you need to step back. When women are mad, they need room to breathe in order to put out that raging fire. The most you can do is send her a comforting message, that is direct, saying something like, ‘you know I’m here for you, if you need to talk, you know how to reach me.’ Women find comfort in knowing that if they ever need a crutch to lean on besides a best friend or family member, there’s you.
  • Remember important dates like her birthday or the first time she joined the company, how long she’s been in town (if she’s new to it) – she’ll be touched and surprised that you bothered at all in remembering those tiny details. It’ll make her feel important, and above all cared for.
  • Try to be the kind of guy she’s looking for. Extreme opposites may attract each other, but making it last is a rare situation. No one’s asking you to change yourself for her, but keep in mind the details of the guy she’s looking out for, and play it out that way. If she dislikes a habit you indulge in, don’t do it in front of her, and respect her wishes to not have you do it in her face.
  • If you get the feeling that she doesn’t like you, then it’s simply just that, or something more. Either she has a past boyfriend that she still has to deal with, or she has dating issues, or maybe she just doesn’t like you. That is why it is important to start small, and then work your way up when getting her to treat you as a close friend.
  • Don’t come off too strong, and don’t get ahead of yourself if she acts really nice towards you. That doesn’t give you a chance to pounce on her if she’s being nice or occasionally sweet.
  • Notice things she does – the way she looks at you, the way she laughs or blushes if you say something, how she reacts to a phone call or if she may be avoiding you. Women like men who try hard to get them, since they get off on a guy jumping through hoops to get her attention.

Over a period of time, women get a sixth sense about why a guy behaves differently, and at some point will figure out that you like her. Women aren’t dumb that way, and you need to step it up when you’re two-three months into being friends, so as not to keep her guessing for too long. The key here is to get her to like you, and see you as her potential partner, by using these manipulation techniques. I hope that these tips help you in your quest to get a woman to like you.

How to Impress a Girl on Facebook Chat

Inspiring a young lady is difficult. It takes all your appeal and mind to swoop her off her feet. Long range interpersonal communication destinations have certainly made the assignment a small piece less demanding. In some cases it is less demanding to say what you feel for all intents and purposes, as you may get apprehensive doing as such up close and personal.

You can chat with a random girl, or some friend of a friend who has caught your eye, or your school or college buddy or even an office colleague. Impressing a girl you know may be a little easier since, she will at least give you a chance, but what if you are smitten by a complete stranger and want to impress her through Facebook chat. Quite a task, but whatever your case be, we are here to help your distressed soul.

Tips to Impress HER

The first scenario is, you don’t know each other, but you are interested in getting to know her. So you send her a friend request and she declines it. Ouch! But isn’t it obvious? Why should she accept your request? Most girls get such requests from random guys all the time, why should she accept yours then? What makes you so special? You may be very good-looking, but that may not be sufficient to pique her interest, buddy.

A short and interesting message along with the friend request will do the trick. Make it different, and not creepy or cheesy. Try not to come across as some kind of stalker (most probably that’s what you were doing though!). In case you have a lot of mutual friends, comment on some status or photo of a mutual friend. Do make a witty comment, that will get you noticed. You can refer to her comment, and start an indirect conversation. You can give her a compliment, but don’t try too much flattery. Girls can quickly understand when you are being fake just to impress her. You must have checked her groups and likes, so use that knowledge.

So finally she accepts your friend request (phew), but now the real task begins. It’s time to win her heart. The most important advice, take it slow. Don’t go on to ask her out immediately the next day. Unless she is totally smitten by you, in just one conversation (which is unlikely for most girls), she will say no. You should invest some time in getting to know her better. This will also give you some time to gauge if she is really interested in taking things forward.

The second scenario is you do know each other through work, college, school, or have met at some party or function. She will obviously accept your request then (unless you have already scared her by coming on too strongly!). If you meet everyday or pretty often, you will have loads to talk on Facebook chat. You can discuss simple things about school or work, ask her about her day, etc. If she seemed upset or unwell, ask her what happened. Girls do dig such stuff, and she will start feeling comfortable talking to you.

Don’t forget to flirt. I know that advice isn’t really needed, but in an effort to be all nice and good, you may end up getting stuck in the dreaded friend zone! And I assume that is not what you intend to do.

Things You MUST Remember

Your profile is the main medium of catching her attention. Update your photos regularly, add some interesting pics, that will give a peek into your very happening life. Yeah, on Facebook anybody can make their life look interesting! Your statuses should be witty and funny, not cheesy or crass. You may not chat with each and everyday, but these will connect you to each other. Another thing all those over-excited men gotta remember is, do not video call her immediately. You will come across as some kind of a creep.

If the girl is part of some social group, then you can join the same, and be active on it. Doing something intelligent and socially relevant will impress her more than just sweet nothings. Try to be a good friend to truly impress the girl you like. She should actually start looking forward to chatting with you. Let her share all the happenings of her life, win her trust, and be her confidant. It is all about building that mutual bond. There may be tons of boys trying to woo your girl, so you need to constantly think of doing something different yet meaningful. You can also become friends with her close friends, as this will give you ample opportunities to get to know her better.

Girls love surprises, so don’t fall into some predictable chatting routine. You can manipulate her by talking to her everyday for a week, and then disappearing for a couple of days. This will pique her interest, and she will be tempted to ping you herself. Observe these subtle changes in her behavior, which will help you understand that even she is falling for you. Did she get a little annoyed when you did not reply to her immediately? If yes, good going! Do remember the little things she mentions, and ask her questions about those, after a few days. This will surely make her realize that she is not just some kind of pastime, but you indeed care. Remember her exams, presentation dates, or any other important events in her life, and wish her all the best. If she was talking about buying a gift for her mother’s birthday, remember the date, and convey best wishes to her mum. These small actions will play a significant role in bringing you closer.

As soon as you see she is online, you message her. Don’t you have a life buddy? That is exactly what she’ll be thinking. It gives the impression that you were just waiting for her to come online. Girls like a little mystery and a little chase will spice things a little. Do not under any circumstances appear too eager too please her.

Comment on her pictures and status updates, but don’t go overboard, and avoid using cheesy pick-up lines or dialogs. Do not comment on every photo or status update of hers or like each and every post that she shares. Posting huge cheesy comments is a strict no-no. I mean, come on, the girl will start taking you for granted, and what’s the fun in that! Do not lose the surprise element, guys.

The best thing you can do to win the heart of the girl you like is, be honest and truthful. If she feels she knows the genuine you, there’s no need of any tips. Turn on the charm and make her fall for you!

Tips to Affordable First Date Outfit

What are first dates about? Becoming acquainted with each other, isn’t that so? All in all, why do we concentrate such an extensive amount our consideration on what we wear? The kind of garments you wear is to tell your date that you think about the way you look. Notwithstanding sex, a first date outfit is a gigantic arrangement “producer or breaker” for some. Rather than endangering your odds, remember our tips and proposals while getting prepared for your date.

What to Wear on Your First Date

More often than not, first impressions from a first date define whether or not it’ll mold into a healthy and strong relationship. Although that’s not the only parameter, it often plays a huge role. Depending on the activities you may have lined up for the date, here are a few options you can choose from.


This night calls for a hip and somewhat chilled-out attire. Wearing colored pants (not to be confused with skinny, brightly colored pants) with a casual t-shirt and a jacket is the perfect way to keep it informal. There’s no particular need to add accessories to the outfit (as you’re not a woman), but if you really want to take it up a notch, add a flattering fedora hat.


Going clubbing automatically means you want to be noticed with her. It’s “dress to impress whoever sees you” time; and she’s going to expect you to look the part. The way to tackle the attire for the night is by keeping it semi-casual, yet trendy and slightly funky. Don’t be scared to wear a vivid-colored shirt to seal the deal.


This is another “very public” and popular place for a first date. Whether you’re meeting her for a cup of coffee or catching the latest flick, here you don’t need to make big efforts on your attire. If you’re a casual dresser, maintain your style for the date. However, if you feel that it may not be enough, add layers or accessories as per the weather.


A fancy dinner date is all about wearing a nice pair of classy pants, matching shirt, elegant shoes, and a smile that wins her heart. You want to show her a good time? Well then, you have to dress the same way too. A chic suit is a must because most fine dining restaurants have a certain dress code that needs to be followed. So, think carefully before you finalize the venue.


Even if this is a super casual date, you still have to wear clothes that look well taken care of and quite new. Wearing a pair of clean and presentable shorts, t-shirt, sneakers, and a baseball cap can make you look responsible and handsome. However, avoid t-shirts with cartoon characters and offensive tag lines on them.

Your objective is to look amazing, be confident, and seem approachable. Make sure you don’t go overboard with your outfit and add unnecessary layers to show off your sense of fashion. Obviously, dirty and wrinkled clothes are a big no-no whether it’s your first date or the 10th. Turn your wardrobe inside out, if you have to, and make sure you dress to impress.

How to Introducing Yourself to a Girl are Pure Gold

Single and prepared to blend however you are simply not meeting any young ladies, is it? It is safe to say that you are certain there are no young ladies around you or would you say you are simply embarrassed by the considered acquainting yourself with a young lady? Goodness man, you require some offer assistance. Who to help you preferred with it over a young lady herself!

Dating is all about your skill and expertise to handle and balance a relationship while keeping your sanity. But, before you jump into the game, you need to start meeting girls to kick-start your dating life. Most men do not know how to introduce themselves to a girl. They either shy away in a corner and don’t approach girls at all or they say all the wrong things out of nervousness. Well, there are also those men who think they are absolute pros at introducing themselves to a girl. Those are the douche-bags. No matter which category you belong to, you need some help to make your love life more vibrant. They say that, “The first impression is the last impression”. If you haven’t been successful at introducing yourself in a way that it left a memorable impact on her, you lose your chance with the girl, that very moment. See how important is the art of an impressive introduction. So without much delay, read these tips on introducing yourself and polish your skills for a better success rate at dating. Even if you don’t get a date, at least you will end up making some great friends.

The When, Where and How of Meeting Girls Anywhere

Use your Mutual Friends

Yes, sometimes it is okay to use friends, especially when you think that a girl could be ‘the one’ and she is friends with your friend(s). I am not asking you to stalk her but check out your mutual friends on a social networking site. Then, ask them to invite her for a party, gig or event that you and your friends are going to. Ask your friend to invite her with her friends. There you will get an opportunity to talk to her.

Walk Over to Her

Have no mutual friends? Sweat not. If you just saw a girl at a party or a social event and would like to get to know her better, just walk over to her. Yes, don’t wait for someone to introduce you to her. Don’t delay else the jock might just butt in and fly away with your pretty lady. If you wait for longer than ten seconds of laying your eyes on a girl, you will keep thinking of the perfect line to introduce yourself to a girl and become more nervous. Instead, just walk up to her and introduce yourself. Let life take its natural course.

The Smile-Wave Test

If you are absolutely unsure of her reaction if you walked up to her, try the smile-wave test. Wait for her to look towards your direction and flash your cutest smile. If she smiles back, you have a clear road. If she smiles at you but turns away, wait for her to lock eyes with you again and now smile and wave. This time you definitely got a clear signal if she smiles too. If she doesn’t smile, try that on another girl you think likes you too. But, don’t do it often. You will be labeled as the desperate creep who smiles at every girl.

Catch her Off-guard

When you are about to approach a girl to introduce yourself to her, do it when she is alone or with two other friends. If you try to talk to her when she is standing with one other friend, she will ignore you even if you may appeal to her because she won’t leave her friend for you and you will lose an opportunity. But, if she is standing with two friends, they will keep each other company while you engage her in a conversation.

Be Different

When you start talking to a girl, don’t try to show off how much money you got or that you think you are super-awesome. Don’t start off with regular questions and answers like, “What is your name?”, “What do you do?”, so on and so forth. They are boring to answer and I bet a hundred guys already asked them before you. Instead begin with, “Hey, I am (name)”, “I love this (place/event) because (insert reason)”, “What brings you here?” or “Do you wear that (piece of clothing/jewelry) often? Because it definitely caught my eye!”.

Exude Confidence

There is nothing more sexy than a man who is confident. Please don’t try to be someone you are not. A girl will appreciate that you are comfortable in your own skin. But, carry yourself well like you know your worth and are proud of being yourself. Don’t come across as arrogant though.

Don’t be Pushy

Every girl hates a person who tries to act like they are familiar with her too soon. Like within 5 minutes of meeting her, you act like you know her better than she knows herself. It is absolutely foolish. She will hate you for overestimating your intellectual capabilities and thinking so low of her as to be predictable. Don’t press her to meet you or for grabbing another drink. If she is interested, she will tell you. You can only drop a hint saying, ‘how you loved meeting her’.

Be Courteous

One surefire way of impressing a girl is being courteous and polite. Treat her like a lady if you cannot treat her like a princess. When you meet her, a handshake and a great smile is always welcome. Steer clear off hugs or touching her beyond her palms. It should not be a lingering handshake. Greet her well with respect.

Be Funny

All girls love men who have a funny bone. If you don’t, then don’t try. But, if you do, crack that one joke that you know has people rolling down the aisles. It should not be one of the oft-repeated, oft-heard jokes. Humor definitely does help break the ice. It’s the bad jokes that are so lame.

Use Social Networking

Another pointer, make use of social media! There are several places to meet women. But, once you have met her, connect through social networking sites. It will help you stay in touch. Plus, it won’t be creepy to add her after you have met her. Later, you can randomly chat with her someday and see if she is interested in meeting you again.


Somebody created the 3-day rule for men to wait before they call or text since the last date or meeting. Seems like a good way to tease the woman and keep her guessing. But, just don’t wait too long that she gives up on you or forgets about you. She’ll just think you are a sissy or a player who found someone else. That’s a bad sign because she will move on. Instead, leave a humorous follow-up text the following week. At least you will make her laugh and she will like you for it. Please don’t wait for too long to make the next move. If she liked you, she will let you take her out. Remember, great girls wait for nobody.

Listen up men, please don’t forget to use some mint and perfume before you walk up to a girl to talk to her. The biggest turnoff is a bad odor. She will run away faster than you blink your eye. It would be an added advantage if you also know how to dress well. Also, don’t use any cheesy pickup lines. They don’t work. You won’t get a date, but you will get a drink in your face. And if she has a man around her who looks like her boyfriend, stay away. Don’t be rude or offensive in any way. Keep a check on your body language. You don’t want to get into trouble with her friends. Use this tips to meet women, you may just score yourself a date this day, next week!